Friday, March 2, 2012

my late prince charming

Im writing this for a guy who will probubly never read this, nor ever know the impact he had on my heart. to the both of us it just started out as a cute summer love, but slowly it became something more serious. we talked everyday for hours until late into the and sometimes early the next morning we both lost sleep over each other but it never affected me. i still remember the night i was layin looking at the stars he lived in the city so i was discribing the silent night the stars, the crickets and frogs, and the winds blowing softly i replied something as to u probubly don't care wat im saying. he said i dont care just listenin to is enough for me. i could feel him right next to me and from that time on the night reminds me of him and now the night is the only way i connect to him anymore. i still remember how i kept changin his mind to tell me that he liked me even though i already knew. not only did we have to many things incomin (music) but he incouraged to move on with my dreams. we only saw each other twice on the account of my parents but our love still flurished and grew stronger til one night i called him after a dance and we were talking and he ended it. i don't cry easily but i can still remember cry over him of which ive never done over any other guy. sooo i just want him to know that u were the only guy ive ever believed in and trusted and i still do just know that talkin to me just makes it hurt that much more i still love u. but i want u to know that i understand that being separted probubly hurt more. i know uve moved on so sorry but i had to write this.

here is two songs that i had that were "our songs"
1st during our relationship:
2nd after:

if yur him u'll remember this

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