Thursday, March 1, 2012


OK so just up dated the site i like it but if you think its too much or hard to read please message me back and tell me.

Soooooo i would just ike to comment on a problem i have been havin lately. i'm a pretty nice person and i don't think im flirty when i am nice but it seems every time i am nice to a guy they always end up havin the biggest crush on me. Now im not talkin bout guys in general its normally always shy more introverted (<---- oh yea big word spelled wrong lol) guys and i guess they just dont get a lot of ppl paying that much attention to them. Now i could probubly name about 10 guys that are like that right now but the main one that is giving me trouble is a guy who i dont even remember his name really and he has falling head over heels for after meeting one night and a friends party. He has sent his cousin paragraph long emails bout how much he likes me and the sad part is he doesnt want to play video games anymore because of and hes had gf's before AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Someone please tell me wat to doooo!
Thanks and please comment.

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